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Las Vegas air duct cleaning

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Duct Repairs

If you are noticing higher energy bills each month, or your home seems to take longer to reach your level of comfort, call the Las Vegas duct repair technicians! Air Conditioning & Duct Cleaning. Our repair technicians are trained to deliver prompt and comprehensive repairs that will have your system running at top efficiency as soon as possible.

Duct Sealing

If you are in need of Las Vegas duct sealing services, call Buenos Aires Air Conditioning & Heating!  We have been offering professional duct sealing services for many years. Our technicians use state of the art tools to locate even the tiniest holes in your system and seal them so you can be positive that your system is operating as efficiently as possible.

Maintenance Schedule Maintenance

The best way to keep you air ducts operating longer and more efficiently is to correct the problems before they become a major issue. For example, scheduling an annual check–up is one way to allow one of our Las Vegas duct repair technicians to perform a detailed assessment of your ductwork and perform any minor repairs or seal any air leaks. Call today if you haven’t set up your yearly check–up.