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Buenos Aires AC maintenance

Schedule of Maintenance Items Performed



Gas Heating 

  1. Check & clean pilot
  2. Check & clean burners
  3. Check flue pipe and connections
  4. Check motor amps
  5. Oil blower motor bearings (if possible)
  6. Check Fan/limit control
  7. Check Blower motor run capacitor
  8. Check Blower motor of thermostat
  9. Check thermocouple
  10. Check all safety controls
  11. Clean inside of unit
  12. Check ignition controls
  13. Replace or clean filter
  14. Check fan belt & adjust if needed
  15. Check flame roll out control
  16. Check and oil combustion motor
  17. Adjust Primary air for clean and efficient burner operation
  18. Test for carbon monoxide
  19. Run equipment through a complete cycle

 Air Conditioning /Heat pump

  1. Check refrigerant level
  2. Check all exposed fitting if refrigerant levels are low
  3. Check fan belt and adjust if needed
  4. Check starting components
  5. Check motor amps
  6. Check compressor amps
  7. Clean control compartment
  8. Replace or clean filter (Deluxe)
  9. Inspect starter contact, switches and relays
  10. Tighten all terminal connections
  11. Check all safety control
  12. Check blower motor run capacitor
  13. Check condenser fan motor run capacitor
  14. Check thermostat calibration
  15. Inspect evaporator coil for dirt and damage
  16. Check conditions of equipment for general wear, rust and deterioration
  17. Oil condenser fan motor
  18. Check condenser fan blade for wear and tightness
  19. Check temperature differential
  20. Check condenser fan motor run capacitor